Pensamento do dia

Guidance from Eileen Caddy
Let Not Life Be An Effort

Be at peace. This is a time of recuperating. Simplify your daily living, spend as much time as possible outside. Catch up with the things that have been left undone. Everything goes in rhythm. If there has been much outer activity let there be inner activity, a relaxing in the Spirit, a readjusting ready for the next forge forward, which will come soon enough. Always go with the tide; never go against it. Let not life be an effort. Learn to be and find that inner peace and harmony which nothing can destroy. Because everything is being so speeded up, it is important you each have these times to become re-charged when you are given the opportunity. There are certain things which must be done, but do them quickly and peacefully without any sense of drive and push, and you will find that everything will get done. Enter the day with peace in your heart and a real joy in your living.

4 July 2014

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